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Fear of Parenting

Have you complained or heard others complain about children these days? (I’m pretty sure this is true for all generations)  I believe there is an epidemic on our hands that can be summed up in ‘Fear of Parenting.’  Fear of parenting is a multifaceted subject.  You might have some, none, or a lot of it.

Fear of Parenting 1: Judgement

I believe that we as a society are too quick to judge others and that feeds into this first fear.  This fear comes from being judged by others in a negative type fashion.  We want others to see us as good parents.  This can manifest itself in many ways.  For example, one might become a “fake parent” in public by being overly attentive to their children when behind closed doors they pay very little attention to them overall.  This can be very confusing for children and is inconsistent to say the least. 

The fear of judgement can also prevent us from parenting the way we want like by influencing how we correct unwanted behavior.  We might change the way we feel we should dish out consequences because we are afraid someone will that we are being too hard or lenient on the children.

Fear of Parenting 2: Making a Mistake

Too many of us are perfectionists and do not want to make mistakes or “screw up” our kids.  I think the only guarantee in parenting is that you are going to make mistakes.  No matter how hard you try your children will have a story to tell when they get older about how you scarred them emotionally in some way.  Don’t you have a story from when you were a kid?  I know I have one or two or three (just kidding mom and dad).

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, kids are resilient.  As long as you’re trying to be a good parent you’re probably ahead of the game.

Fear of Parenting 3: Overload

This is where a parent has so many fears that it turns into overload or parental paralysis.  So these are the parents that have just given up on being parents all together.  They figure it’s too hard and there is no winning anyway so why try.  Or they read too many articles about parenting techniques and can’t seem to decide with one to try, they have overloaded their brains with information.

Parenting is hard (I’ve never heard anyone say it was easy) but it’s so worth it!  Just try not to let any of these fears take over.

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