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Restroom Etiquette

In researching for this article (yes, I researched restroom etiquette) I found that there is actually a fascinating history to the birth of not only public restrooms but also gender segregated restrooms. So, public restrooms didn’t even come about till around the mid 1800’s Victorian era. Before that, the public toilet was the street unless you were a woman (but that is making the assumption that you were not a trashy type woman). If you were a woman and left the house, it was expected that you held it till you got back home. But as women started venturing out of the house for longer periods of time, then with more women entering the workforce during WWII (plus the invention of indoor plumbing…that helped a bit), the need for public women’s restrooms arose.

Oh! And did you know that extra “lounge” room for women was because of those crazy Victorian dresses and the couches were eventually put in that room because the men who designed these restrooms thought women were so delicate and weak that we would need a place to rest? As if!

Okay, I’m done with the history lesson now. On to the Etiquette that I believe we need to put in place in the women’s restroom.

First, Buffer Stall. It’s a thing… seriously. If the restroom is large and empty please give others their space by way of a buffer stall. It is not necessary to be in the stall right next to someone else unless the restroom is full or there are broken toilets. In fact, it’s unwanted.

Gabbing is second. Unless you are like best friends with a person, do not talk to people through the stall. I know I don’t want to talk about my weekend plans while I’m doing my business.

Phoning should go without saying. Please refrain from being on the phone while doing your business in the stall. I don’t think the person on the other end of the phone really wants to hear all that you have going on in there. Also, no picture taking, texting, Snap Chatting, or really, how about just keep your phone tucked away. It’s more hygienic.

Speaking of hygiene… I would say keep the restroom clean like you would at your house but let’s be real, some people don’t have clean bathrooms at their house either. But please clean up after yourselves. No one wants to sit on a wet toilet seat, so wipe it down if you sprinkled. Put trash in the trash and for the love of all, wash your hands.

Come on ladies, let’s be classy in the restrooms like the sexist men who originally designed public women restrooms thought we were, and let’s save our trashy side for another room (wink wink).

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