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What Time Do You Go To Bed?

Being a parent is hard (note i could've said mom but I don't want to leave dads out). I find that it can be especially hard for those who love sleep, like me. I remember as a kid thinking that my parents were so lame because they went to bed so early. Well guess what... I too am now lame!

Most nights I find myself going to bed between 8pm-9pm (mostly closer to 8pm).Especially, if there had been nights of comforting a sick baby. And babies get sick a lot! I find as I age I am unable to function at my optimal level on interrupted sleep. I also find it takes me longer to recuperate and catch up om much needed sleep. Hence, the early bed time.

I am lucky to have a partner who will share and take turns with me doing night duty or sleeping in on the weekends.

Mom and Dad, I'm sorry i thought you were lame. I now see it was because of us kids.

I feel no shame for going to bed early and missing out on "Adult Life." I love my Mom Life and I love being there for my children well rested and able to give all the attentiveness they deserve. If that makes me lame so be it.

What time do you go to bed?

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